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The Vaonis Vespera telescope supports a few snap-on filters from Vespera, such as the Vespera Dual Band Filter (H-alpha and O-III), Vespera Light Pollution Filter, and Vespera Solar Filter. For more advanced filtering use-cases, however, the Vespera does not have threads or accessories to attach standard telescope filters. Vaonis does, however, sell the Vespera Lens Ring that takes the places of filters when not using a filter. In order to attach standard 2″ telescope filters to the Vespera, the Vespera Lens Ring can be modified to add standard telescope threading. This post covers the approach I took to do so. If you plan to take a similar approach, I recommend purchasing a couple extra Vespera Lens Rings so that you can keep your original and have a spare in-case one gets broken in the process (they are plastic):

My original plan was to attach the Astromania 2″ Wheel Attachment to the Vespera Lens Ring. However, it is much too large and heavy for the Vespera telescope arm.

Instead, I took the two smaller threaded pieces from the Astromania wheel (the two shown in the image below directly to the left and right of the wheel opening):

I then disassembled the Vaonis Lens Ring (it is two plastic pieces snapped together, used a small flat screw driver to unclip the two pieces from each other) and inserted the larger threaded piece from the Astromania wheel into the larger plastic piece (the one with the tab on it).

In order to attach the back portion of the Vaonis Lens Ring I had to trim the inner rim to allow space for the threaded metal piece using a box cutter knife.

With the inner plastic rim trimmed, the back snapped together with the other piece of the Vaonis Lens Ring with everything fitting together nicely.

Then, to allow attaching 2″ filters, I attached the other metal ring from the Astromania wheel.

Now, I am able to attach any standard 2″ telescope filter to the Vespera.

An important word of caution: DO NOT CLOSE THE ARM OF THE VESPERA WITH THE LENS RING OR FILTERS ATTACHED. The arm does not have enough clearance to close the arm without causing damage.